The Foundation


· Financing higher education (college and post graduate)
· Agreements with local and foreign Universities
· Supporting local community educational programs
· Free Counseling

In February 1995 the Fundación Luis A. Dávalos was created in order to help Ecuadorian students who could not continue with their college and post-graduate studies in Ecuador or abroad, due to financial limitations. We provide educational finance and financial help to Ecuadorian students.

As part of our efforts we are searching for educational donations to assist us with the very high demand for college and post graduate financing.

The foundation is named after the Ecuadorian entrepreneur, Luis A. Dávalos (1937 – 1994), who was convinced that the basis for the future development of the country was directly linked to the education and training of its people.

  • We believe that every Ecuadorian who has had the possibility of being educated should feel solidarity and help those who wish to do so, but are unable to because of lack of funds.
  • We believe that private enterprise, as the first beneficiary, should contribute to this purpose.

From the start the Foundation has granted financing and scholarships for college and post graduate studies; soft credits with low interest rates and a repayment schedule equal to double the study period.

The donations we receive are directed exclusively to our beneficiaries, with not a cent being used for administration costs.

  • Up until the year 2000, 90 young people have benefited from our programs.
  • 130 students upto 2001
  • Our projections for 2003, based on new donations, is for 400 students.

Therefore in our first eight years we will have helped more than 530 students to obtain their university and post graduate degrees.

We have the firm hope that with new donations, both from abroad and locally, this number will increase dramatically.