What type of loans does the Foundation offer?

The CCU – Convenio de Crédito Universitario -, which is a subsidized loan available to Ecuadorian students and professionals:

  • It offers the opportunity to study college in Ecuador, and postgraduate course in Ecuador or abroad.
  • Fixed interest rates, beginning once your studies have been finished.
  • A period of grace is available to repay the loan, after finishing your studies.

Who can apply to the CCU?

Ecuadorian residents in the country; for college the age limit is 28 years old, and for postgraduate courses 35 years old. The candidates must present high academic averages and provide their families financial information.

What can be covered by the CCU?

The CCU covers tuition, research costs (thesis, field work, etc.) and insurance.

For how long?

The CCU at this time covers the last two years of college and up to two years of postgraduate studies. We trust that with the availability of new donations this can bettered.

How long do I have to repay the CCU?

Up to six years. If required a period of grace can be granted up to six months.

How much money am I lent?

At this time:

Us $ 1,000 per year for college.
Us $ 2,000 per year for postgraduate studies.

What must I do to apply for the CCU or obtain more information?

  • Contact Us.
  • Visit our ofices at:Fundación Luis A. Dávalos
    6 de Diciembre N24-48 y Foch
    Edif. CEPSA 2do piso
    Quito – Ecuador
  • Call us at: (5932) 250 8551