Send your Donations to Fundación Luis A. Dávalos.
A few reasons:

In 1996, FLAD granted subsidized loans equal to Us $ 33,000 to 11 students. By the year 2003 the number of students who benefit from our programs will be above 530.

  • FLAD is the first Private Foundation in Ecuador that offers this service, critical to the future of the country; allowing motivated individuals, of great potential but without economic possibilities to pursue their dreams and reinvest in their own society.
  • In our eignt years of operations we have clearly confirmed that the sources of educational finance in Ecuador, are no where near satisfying the demand for this type of funding.
  • We are currently unable to grant scholarships (only subsidized loans), but the need is enormous.
  • In our selection process we are forced to reject over 80% of our candidates, due to limited funds.
  • 100% of the funds we receive in donation are used exclusively for the benefit of our students, not a cent goes to administrative costs.
  • We have agreements with universities, for example: La Universidad Politécnica Salesiana
  • We are active members of APICE, la Asociación Panamericana de Instituciones de Crédito Educativo.

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